Alarm Sensors

Alarm Sensors will enhance the protection level of your vehicle. They give the vehicle more protection zones,e.g.: shock protection that detects someone trying to gain entry into the vehicle by force. The sensors we use are power saving devices that have minimal draw on the vehicles electrics. Contact us to get the right sensors for your application.


smashglassnewHow it works

  • A built-in electret microphone picks up all sound inside the vehicle, filtering out everything except the specific frequency associated with smashing glass.
  • Temperature compensating circuitry so ambient temperature change doesn’t alter the sensitivity.
  • Operating temp. –20 degrees to +85 degrees
  • Some alarms have this sensor as standard
  • Cost $59.00 extra


ultrasonicsensorzoneHow it works

  • Sensor uses 40kHz sound waves to measure echoes from inside the vehicle. Any change in echo is determined to be an intruder.
  • Temperature compensating circuitry.
  • Operating temp. –20 degrees to +85 degrees
  • Sensitively adjustment for different size Vehicles.
  • Must be in closed cab, not suitable for Convertible vehicles.
  • Cost $85.00 extra


MicrowavezonepictureHow it works

  • Sensor establishes a microwave field. Any change In the density if the field is determined to be an Intruder.
  • Temperature compensating circuitry.
  • Sensitivity adjustment .
  • Can be operated in open cab and is recommended For convertible vehicles.
  • Single and dual zone sensors
  • Cost- single zone $70.00 Dual zone $95.00 extra


breakingintocarnewHow it works

  • Sensor detects any vibration exerted on the vehicle, Intruder is detected when vibration exceeds a set level
  • Temperature compensating circuitry .
  • Sensitivity adjustment.
  • Operating temp. –20 degrees to +85 degrees.
  • Single stage and dual stage fuzzy logic sensors.
  • Fuzzy logic eliminates the chance of false alarms due to sudden gusts of wind (e.g. from passing trucks) or accidental bumping.
  • Cost – single zone $49.00 – Dual zone(fussy logic) $85.00 extra


How it works

  • Sensor takes reference rest angle when alarm is set, So it will sense change even when parked on hills.
  • If the vehicle is altered from reference an intruder is Detected.
  • Environment adjustment– if vehicle is buffeted by Strong winds sensor will allows time for it to return To original angle.
  • Axis detection. Sensor will detect angle change from 2 degrees to 50 degrees on any axis.
  • Operating temp. –20 degrees to +85 degrees
  • Cost $115.00 extra