Alarms and Immobilisers

Alarms: Alarms and immobilisers for all situations. Stop thieves from stealing your possessions or worse. Our alarms include a 2 point immobiliser, door, bonnet, hot wire, boot and glass breakage protection as well as add on protection such as tilt protection, ultra sonic/movement protection, shock/ intrusion attempt protection.

What’s the difference between an immobiliser and an alarm?
I’m glad you asked. An immobiliser isolates two or more electrical circuits that are vital for the motor to run. This means the car cannot be hotwired and started. An alarm system sets off a siren and flashing lights if an intrusion is detected by the unit or any sensors on the system. To make a comparison to securing your home – the alarm is your barking German Sheppard dog that alerts you and deters the thief, and the immobiliser is the dead bolt lock on the front door that stops the thief from taking anything and deters the thief.


We can interface it to your central locking, which gives you keyless entry, making
our systems super user friendly.

If you need alarm and tracking system integrated we can supply both. Peace of mind that your pride and joy will be safe where you parked it.
All alarms and Immobilisers are to Australian standards and better, both with the design and protective aspects of the units themselves but also with the installation by
a nationally certified installer.